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From Wantreprenuer to Entreprenuer

I juggle ideas daily. Some ideas win more real estate in my mind than others. I’ll have a creative idea and get pre-occupied with it for a while, until the next best thought pops up and becomes the priority of the week. I do this often and it’s especially prevalent when I’m plotting business plans.

Being a wantreprenuer has me starting businesses in my head weekly, designing the framework and being satisfied with how far I’ve gotten but the business never sees the light day beyond the walls of my thick stubborn skull. This is the failure of never trying, of thinking the business idea I had last week wasn’t good enough for the newest idea to confiscate the every-new second of my imagination. It’s like the ideas themselves have gone bankrupt and out of business before ever being born.

That’s the failure of wanting but never doing. That’s been my M.O. for the past three years. I’d be in...

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Every relationship tells a unique story.

From highly-loving spouses to rotten enemies, every relationship we encounter is different. We spend our time doing certain things with certain people; trusting a chosen few with our secret knowledge and insight. We unlock the door to those we see fit and keep the door shut to those we don’t quite trust.

Nobody knows the exact feeling your best friend gives you when you see them. Nobody quite understands why you love your significant other the way you do. Nobody can jump into your shoes and experience the unique bonds you have with those you choose to have bonds with. And you must not forget that you are just as unaware as an outsider to any relationship that you aren’t directly connected to.

Some people love to tell us how we should believe, what we should think, how we should live–opinons are a like assholes…

It’s easy for someone with an...

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I haven’t cried in over a year

The last time I cried was December 14, 2012.

I had been invited to shoot photos at a Christmas party where I worked. Before I got ready to head out to the party, I began to scan twitter. There I read reports about a man entering an elementary school where he subsequently fired upon staff and children. Something shutdown inside of me. I remember the feeling of utter devestation rising deep within my gut. My throat swelled up and as I continued to read, I felt a tear roll down my eye and then another, and soon enough I was full-on cringing and crying.

The Sandy Hook Massacre, as it would later become known, left me entirely defeated. Everybody’s emotions were flaring. I couldn’t help but dwell intensely upon those moments of fear and sadness felt by the families and children in that community. I tried to set myself in their shoes and the more I did the more I got upset.

This was the...

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Reality v. Image

I was wiping down my kitchen countertop the other day and for a half-second there I had a lazy thought, “If it looks clean, it must be clean.”

I hadn’t soaped it, I was just kind of washing down the crusted fragments of raw turkey that had landed there while prepping some burgers. I got the soap and sponge out and cleaned it fully off.

The reality of cleanliness remained entacted.

These sort of scenarios translate themselves very often into everyday life: at times we become obsessed with the image of ourselves, an individual or a thing and we fail to question whether or not that seemlingly polished image is all made up of factual fabric.

I can attest to this behavior. I had for some time been keen on the preservation of an image and rather than pursuing transforming that image into truth, I settled upon the kind comments my friends and family gave me. Those cheerful words of...

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Life: at my own pace

I quit my job.

It’s entirely the scariest life choice I could have made. I don’t like the perception that if you’re unemployed you’re doing nothing. That if you’re unemployed you’re a lazy person or that you’ve got nothing going for you. It makes me feel like a failure and I must either learn to ignore those voices in my life or weed them out.

I’ve chosen to graphic design for freelance commissions. That isn’t the end goal, though. The end goal is something much more abstract, something I can’t quite even realize yet.

I’m moving at my own pace right now, it’s much different than the pace I became accustomed to in the secure, predictable salary-based life. It hasn’t even been two days of self-employment, but I already can see myself working less hours, but actually producing more in that short time, because I’m rested, not restless. It’s now about quality of time management.


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On Christian Pacifism

“Jesus saw the wrong and faced it. When the sentence against the woman taken in adultery was about to be carried into execution, he absolutely denied the possibility of human justice, and demonstrated that man could not be the judge since man himself was guilty.” -‘My Religion’ by Leo Tolstoy

I have navigated a thought map around to every surface thinking upon the conversations I had with some friends this past summer.

To recap that talk: the subject was conceived upon a subtle mention of the use of lethal force during a threatening situation. As the conversation progressed, it became a debate as to what might be the most appropriate way to handle evil-doers in order to protect kin or loved ones. This all revolved around the idea of carrying a gun for protection, and if in harm’s way–the gun would be used as a shoot-to-kill device, relinquishing all involved from immediate threat as...

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The Restless Infographic

Infographics are slowly become my more favorite projects to take on, 1.) because they’re the only graphical work that gives me anxiety and head-scratching frustration 2.) They’re so fun to look at.

It has all kind of started with my boss falling madly in love with turning 30 page reports into infographics that fit on a 8.5x14 sheet of paper. I get it. It’s a quick and easy reference for staffers and the community to reference. It’s the head-scratching frustration part that comes into play when figuring out how to condense so much content into a few graphical elements.

So, when it came time to renew our strategic plan, I got to doodling:

Initial sketch of the infographic

The discussion for a few months prior to the concept stage of this infographic involved creating a graphic with a road that spoke about services, our growth and vision. When this fell on our plates, it seemed like the most appropriate opportunity to...

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On being a house cat

At the university level I met a professor that impacted me in a great way, far greater than he could have anticipated to. His name is Greg Selber. He’s a cocky wit, with real world wisdom and insider knowledge to the best of Rio Grande Valley sports. Beyond sports and journalism, which he often cited, there was this one thing he talked about with similar passion: it was this analogy about house cats, about how they get everything handed to them, all the luxuries of comfortable furniture, good food, perfect temperature and love. The main point here, he stated, was that the house cat is no alley cat; that the very moment the house cat goes outside it’s abandoning luxurious habits and entering a hostile world. It is then that those natural instincts built into the feline, those of hunting and surviving, come out to play, but the house cat hasn’t been trained, tested and roughed up by the...

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Being Negative Can Be Postive

In electromagnetism a postive charge repells a postive charge and a negative repells a negative, but when a positive particle and negative particle come together, they create an attraction, a marvel of science known as the electric charge!

There are a lot of “yes” men and women in the world. That with these kind of people whatever opinion you may ask of them it’s always in the positive.

Hey, what’d you think of my essay? “It was great, man.”

So, nothing I could do to improve my website design? “It’s solid the way it is.”

Do I look good in these skinny jeans? “Absolutely!”

It’s encouraging to hear your work is good, but everything needs improvement, everything. Face it, nothing is perfect and surrounding yourself with people who only offer positivity can be negative.

Can an opinion be wrong? Sure it can. But in every opinion some truth remains: a new perspective to consider, something...

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